Just get out there and ride! Don't need lycra or special shoes. A helmet is optional...your choice.

I am just a guy with a love of the bicycle and a firm believer it is a viable form of transportation. The bicycle is an amazing invention. It allows a small human to transport a large load over long distances easily. It is THE MOST ENERGY EFFICIENT FORM OF TRANSPORTATION...PERIOD!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Let there be LIGHT!

And after installing a B&M Lumotec IQ Fly all I can say is WOW! I can see riding down the paved road, I can see riding down our gravel road, I can see riding down the grass lane to the barn! The beam pattern is fairly narrow but very bright and reaches out well. The other great thing is the LED powers up very quickly and reaches near full brightness even at a walking pace...great thing if you have to wheel a broken bike home (not that it would happen mind you)


From 2whls3spds

Friday, November 28, 2008

Eye Candy for the Redline!

I posted earlier on my Redline R530. Finally got some parts in for it. I had my LBS build up the wheel due to lack of time on my part. The front hub was sourced from WorkCycles in the Netherlands (many thanks Richard!) after unsuccessful attempts to get Shimano USA to even admit that such a hub existed! Headlight is a gorgeous IQ Fly from B&M. Got every thing hooked up and waiting on night fall. For beam pictures see Peter White's page. I wish these things were easier to source in the US. Next will be a basket, panniers, pedals and probably a generator powered tailight with stand light.



Sorry about the delay...again. Anybody have an application for Procrastinators Anonymous...send it to me, when you get around to it. :-D

David Hembrow was the closest, it is actually for grooves on shoulder. I call them rumble strips, the idea being that they are supposed to wake a driver up before they run completely off the road. Why anyone would be riding bicycle that far off the main part of the road I have no idea. This is a very monotonus stretch of road in the middle of nowhere South Carolina in the years I have driven this road I have seen only small number of cyclists, none riding on the shoulder.