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Friday, November 28, 2008


Sorry about the delay...again. Anybody have an application for Procrastinators Anonymous...send it to me, when you get around to it. :-D

David Hembrow was the closest, it is actually for grooves on shoulder. I call them rumble strips, the idea being that they are supposed to wake a driver up before they run completely off the road. Why anyone would be riding bicycle that far off the main part of the road I have no idea. This is a very monotonus stretch of road in the middle of nowhere South Carolina in the years I have driven this road I have seen only small number of cyclists, none riding on the shoulder.



Thom said...

Wow, makes you wonder if anyone at the DOT has ever ridden a bicycle over said grooves, and whether THAT was what happened when they did.

2whls3spds said...

Doubt it...I just wonder what brilliant person even THOUGHT that someone should ride a bicycle on the shoulder to begin with! The shoulder in the picture is pretty clean, a mile or so to the south the shoulder is strewn with broken beer bottles, car parts and other unidentifiable objects.

My best guess is that someone sitting in an office somewhere with too much time on their hands thought it might be a good idea to stave off litigation; real or imagined.


David Hembrow said...

Are these things actually dangerous to cycle over or just unpleasant ?

We've a similar idea here on very minor country roads. There is a rough surface to the side made of concrete sets through which vegetation can grow. It means that leaving the edge of the road proper does not mean losing control of a bike or a car. Some roads are built too narrow for two vehicles to pass, forcing people to drive on the rough surface, and slow down.

2whls3spds said...

Hi David,
On a narrow tired bike they would be dangerous, they are about 30mm deep and roughly 500mm by 100mm. They are about 50mm apart. Very uncomfortable to ride over. And I suspect that if you hit one at a decent speed it could catch a wheel and throw you. I have actually ridden this particular road while on tour, I chose to ride on the space between the cuts and the grass shoulder. That put me well out of the way of traffic.