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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Giant Excursion

Yet another bike from my collection! FWIW I did an inventory of bikes this past weekend, I currently have 20 in my shop/storage area and another 16 in the outside storage/scrap pile. None of them are what anyone would consider high value, and many in the scrap pile are department/discount store specials that were given to "the crazy guy that likes bikes".

The Excursion started out life as a European Trekking bike with flat bars. All I have done to it is add drop bars, brifters and a well used leather saddle. I am not sure I like the brifters or not, if not I will change them over to bar end shifters, which I know I like on a tour bike.

The bike is equipped with Shimano Deore LX drive train, a bottom bracket generator, full fenders and racks. It also came with the standard rear wheel ring lock. One neat feature that is also a PITA is the generator wiring utilizes the aluminum strips in the fenders. You have a small male snap end on the fender and the light wiring snaps to it, only problem is if you break one of the female snaps they are impossible to replace. I have managed to cobble together a suitable replacement, but would prefer to have something more original.

This actually the second one of these bikes I have had, the first was stolen and this one is the replacement. My brother found it in a shop in Clemmons, NC. Apparently Giant was a bit premature bringing these over to the US, because they never sold well in 1989. AFAIK they were only offered for one year.



Doohickie said...

Beautiful bike.

2whls3spds said...

Thanks...it doesn't get ridden very much right now due to time constraints, but I am planning several s24o trips as soon as it warms up a bit. There is a state park about 35 miles from me, and a local city park that allows camping about 21 miles. So hopefully it will get some miles in this year.


Nick said...

36 bikes? If there were that many around my house therewouldn't be room for the couple of humans who currently live there. Good looking bike, by the way.

2whls3spds said...

I have 40 acres of space ;-)

Storage isn't an issue, but getting things to the scrappers sometimes is. LOL


Anonymous said...

Wow, makes me feel OK about getting two in one year! You have some seriously beautiful bikes. How in the world do you decide which one to ride every day? :)


2whls3spds said...

Hi Trisha,
Thanks for stopping by. Most of the time which bike is decided by where I am going to ride. For longer rides the drop bar bikes get the nod. For slow rides with my bride the Raleighs, grocery store weekly run the Staiger. Beer, coffee or light grocery run the Redline. Other bikes as the fancy strikes. LOL


micro1985 said...

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GhostRider said...

Your setup sounds like mine, but on a much larger scale.

But do you have a bike in your kitchen?!? Oh, and can I come live with you? ;) Your place sounds like paradise...

Anonymous said...

Very nice. It's interesting how European bikes usually have flat bars and US riders use drops. I know in Germany racing bikes are covered by different laws than other bikes but I don't know if drop bars are part of the legal difference.

@Nick: Good to see you live!

Dave said...

I have a similar bike and I didn't know much about it. It's a 1993 (I think) Giant Expedition. Frame was made in Taiwan (I think), but It was put together Holland. (The top tube says: "Hand-built in Holland"). The frame is beautifully lugged. Even the water-bottle bosses have nice diamond-shaped lugs.

It has many of the same features as your Excursion: Deore LX, the racks, panniers, lights, fenders, ringlock, a really cool little bell.

Anyway, I bought it a few years ago from someone who brought it back from Holland, andnow feel like I know a bit more about it. Thanks.

Frank said...

I have the same bike, same color. Mine is in good shape, but not as good as yours. I am missing the upper part of the front rack. I have the two side pieces (Bor Yueh BY204A), but am missing the rest. Could you please post information about the part I am missing? Thanks.

2whls3spds said...

Hi Frank,
AFAIK that color is the ONLY color the Excursion came in. The closest thing on the Bor Yeuh website right now is the B-232. I have no idea where to special order anything from them. Nashbar and Performance occasionally have racks made by them. If you are set on having front racks you can buy some very nice ones from Velo-Orange or Rivendell, but they are pricey.

Good luck on the search!