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I am just a guy with a love of the bicycle and a firm believer it is a viable form of transportation. The bicycle is an amazing invention. It allows a small human to transport a large load over long distances easily. It is THE MOST ENERGY EFFICIENT FORM OF TRANSPORTATION...PERIOD!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Double the Fun!

Received my new to me Twenty from Ebay today!

It is a 1972 model and is complete and in great shape. Only thing missing is the head light bracket. It will need a new set of grips, the old ones are cracked. Other than that a complete and thorough cleaning and we are good to go.

These things are addictive!



Big Oak said...

Nice! Is that a Brooks saddle on your new purchase also? My daughter has a saddle like that on an old Raleigh I fixed up for her.

Dottie said...

Awesome! I imagine people taking some double looks when they see those two around town together.

2whls3spds said...

Hi Big Oak,
The "new" bike has the Brooks vinyl mattress saddle on it. They are durable and fine for short rides. Take the weather quite well too. ;-)

Thanks Dottie...that was part of the charm.


Nick said...

The question is, will they make a good breeding pair?

2whls3spds said...

Good question Nick...I would have thought that the Ladies Colt and the Old Sports would make a better pair. :-D


Rat Trap Press said...

I had to travel out of town last week and couldn't fit my bike in my work vehicle. I was thinking how nice it would be to have a folding bike for such occasions. I think I will be buying a folder sometime in the future.

2whls3spds said...

@ Rat Trap Press,
that is the main reason I went with the Twenty! I brought 4 folding bikes back home in my truck, along with a job box, coolers, suit cases, fishing poles and a bunch of other crap. If they had been full sized bikes I probably would only been able to get one in there.


Velouria said...

Wow! They look so good together. I love these bicycles and am still kicking myself for missing a great deal on a Twenty on the local CL. I want one so much!

2whls3spds said...

Hi filligree,

Need to grab them when you can. Both of mine came off ebay, but I probably bid on at least 8-10 to get these two at a price I was willing to pay. I wanted a white one for my bride, but the Green will just have to do. ;-)


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