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I am just a guy with a love of the bicycle and a firm believer it is a viable form of transportation. The bicycle is an amazing invention. It allows a small human to transport a large load over long distances easily. It is THE MOST ENERGY EFFICIENT FORM OF TRANSPORTATION...PERIOD!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Loaded and Locked

Here is one of the reasons I wanted a Twenty. It is locked down in the truck and I am headed out for a couple/three weeks at an out of town job site. It takes up a lot less space than a full sized bike and can be locked in the cab if necessary. So far all I have done to it is general cleaning. I have a new set of alloy rim wheels being built up for it. Plenty more pictures to follow.



Thom said...

Very cool. I wish it was easier to fly with them, or I'd get one for research trips. Thanks for posting this, it's very inspirational--best argument I've heard for foldable/compact bikes.

2whls3spds said...

Hi Thom,
I love the concept of folding bikes, but getting one to fit and find one affordable is a challenge. I am lusting after a Bike Friday Season Tikit, but the ~$1600 price is a bit steep at this point. It will fit a suitcase.


Anonymous said...

Around Portland, people are starting to use folding bikes more (I see a lot of Bromptons and some Dahons), because they are also easy to take on public transit, whereas there is very limited space for normal bikes (2 spaces on buses, 2 per car on light rail). That's also a great use though, to be able to drive a long distance to another town/city, and then use the bike to get around when you get there.

2whls3spds said...

Hi Portlandize

I was in Charleston, SC for about 2 years and seriously considered spending the money on a Brompton. All the buses down there have bike racks and they almost always seem to be full, more than once I rode the entire 14 miles back to my motel from the historic district. The roads and neighborhoods are not the best, but when the bus rack is full you don't have many choices. Another place it would have come in handy was on Amtrak, which I was using to travel between CHS and home.


Trisha said...

Looks like a nice little folder! I love the color.