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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dutch Chic

Look what came to live with us ;-)

On a bike ride with a friend of mine (previous post) we ran across this at a local bike shop. Took my bride back to see it and for a test ride, the rest is history so to speak.

It is a 1966 or 1967 Columbia Commuter II. Not really a folder, but the handle bars rotate and drop down, the seat goes down, the pedals can be rotated inwards and the fork assembly comes off the frame for storage, it has a wheel driven generator, headlight, interesting fender mounted taillight and the Sturmey-Archer 3speed TCWIII hub(more pictures to come). The Dutch part comes from it being built in Weesp, Holland by the Magneet Company, no longer in business.

Not sure which markets it was available in. I have found one advertisement for it via Ebay where Mr. Donut was giving one away in a contest around 1969.

My bride loves it and wants a wicker basket for the rear rack.



Big Oak said...

Wow, it looks like it's in great condition.

2whls3spds said...

Hi Big Oak,
other than some nicks and garage wear it looks brand new, I haven't done any detail work on it yet and those are the original tires!


spiderleggreen said...

Funny, Mr.Donut giving away bikes. You'll need a good ride after eating some of those.

Trisha said...

That's beautiful! It'll look great with a wicker basket on the back; your bride has good taste. :)

Nick said...

What an amazing looking machine - very 1960s.

Velouria said...

Very unique looking! Basket will make it perfect -- glad you finally found something bride-worthy!

2whls3spds said...

that is her 4th bike...might just catch up to me one day ;-)

She also has a 1971 Raleigh Colt, 195? Hercules and a 2000 GT Slipstream and half the Raleigh Tandem we own. LOL


john said...

I just bought one of these, and it needs the front detaching part repaired. I am wondering if you can post some close-ups to help? Thanks, John

2whls3spds said...

I will be shuffling bikes this weekend I will see what I can do.


john said...

Hi, I just got one of these. Can you tell me how the handlebar folding works? Mine has a couple of bolts here. Thanks, John