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Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Member of the Herd


Meet the newest member of the fleet/herd/flock or whatever you call the collection of bicycles that are currently in residence here.

This one was given to me by one of the mechanics at my LBS, because he knew that I like "old stuff".

This is a 1964 AMF/Hercules. I don't know much about the Hercules/AMF bikes, only that they were built by Raleigh Industries and primarily sold in North America. The bike is typical of the British 3 speeds of the era. Sturmey Archer AW three speed hub, 26x1-3/8" tires, Dunlop steel rims, etc. I have just started the cleanup process so I have a ways to go. Initial impressions is that this is a well built bike and of better quality than what Raleigh was putting out by the 1970's.

This particular bike shows signs of much use, but no real abuse. It has been well cared for in the past, but had been neglected for a while. Mechanically it is in good shape and won't need much done. Cosmetically it is a bit rough, but nothing some elbow grease, oil and polish won't cure.

Hercules was it's own brand started in Birmingham, England in 1911 and was absorbed by Raleigh in 1960. The Hercules Museum webblog has a lot of information gathered in one place.

This bike most likely will be going to my sister to use riding around her neighborhood and the large park behind her townhouse. I will have to find out if she wants a basket and if so what type. Perhaps a Peterboro from Maine or a Wald Woody?

More to be posted as things slowly progress.



Unknown said...

Nice British 3 sp. it reminds me of my Lady's Puch 3 sp. from Sears made in Austria. Raleigh did make some fine bikes thru the 70's I have a Roadster 73 with rod brakes and 4 Twenty's . Have you gone fixie on any bikes. I converted a Raleigh Super Record 10 speed to a fixie 52/16 cog ratio and it is a lot of fun. Thanks Eduard and I like your blog.

2whls3spds said...

Hi Ed,
Thanks for the comments. I have one fixed gear that I ride on occasion. It is a 2005 Redline 9.2.5, I have mine camouflaged with fenders and a rack ;-) I rode a fixed gear track frame on the road for training purposes back in the 70's.


Courtnee said...

I refer to my bikes as my "stable."

2whls3spds said...

Thanks Courtnee...we used to have horses and they were a herd, but hung out at the stable. Maybe seeing how they are mostly British bikes I have a queue of bikes :-D


Mike said...

I've got a stumper on my hands. Can you identify this bike? (photo at mikespokes.blogspot.com)

It's an Invicta, with a 1964 Sturmey Archer hub. I can't find Invicta anywhere, but it's cleary vintage English.

Mike said...

In large part inspired by your cool site, I'm way into three speeds these days. Check out my three speed adventure at http://mikespokes.blogspot.com/2009/11/dad-and-daughter-three-speed-adventures.html

2whls3spds said...

Thanks Mike,
I am glad that someone is actually reading my blog. ;-)

I do have yours on my google reader, just haven't had time to catch up on it.


Velouria said...

Nice acquisition! A Wald Woody would look great with this bike IMO.

2whls3spds said...

Thanks Filigree...coming from you I will take that as what I need to get ASAP! Actually I will make my own from a Wald Basket that is already hanging around. I also have some scraps of different types of wood that will make it even more personalized.


Anonymous said...

..."the fleet/herd/flock or whatever you call the collection of bicycles "...

Maybe you can call it a "groupo" of bicycles.