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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Another one joins the "fold"

Sorry couldn't resist :-)

Found this out in the Stuff etc store in Coralville, IA. Too good a deal to pass up, even though I already had two other bikes with me.

It is a Rolling Rock beer promo bike. As best can be determined from the late 90's. It was apparently made by Dahon, there is a single sticker on the downtube that says not to ride it until it has been properly serviced by a Dahon service agent. It has very low end equipment on it, but that doesn't really matter it is slated for conversion to a folding city bike with IGH, coaster brake, fenders and lights.

Anybody know their Dahon models well enough to know which one this is based on?


Oldfool said...

My ZEN 20" folder also has a sticker saying not to ride it until it has been properly serviced by a Dahon service agent but the bike is straight out of Chinaland. Cheap but it serves my purpose.
I wouldn't mind having that one myself.

2whls3spds said...

Hi Oldfool,

This particular one was made in Taiwan, which leads me to believe that it will have been built by Dahon for Rolling Rock...or maybe not.


Velouria said...

What an unusual find!
I like the nice green colour.

Personally, I am not too fond of Dahon, whether the real thing or a subsidiary. But this cute bike looks like a good candidate for a creative conversion or a family spare. I wonder how the Raleighs will take to it?

2whls3spds said...

Hi Filigree,
I am not a huge fan of Dahon for a variety of reasons. But this bike was just interesting enough and cheap enough not to pass up. Maybe by using Sturmey-Archer hubs I can fool the Raleighs into thinking it is a long lost relative. :-D