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Sunday, February 7, 2010

I can see clearly now...

that I have a new headlight on the Twenty, and I suppose I can be seen more clearly from the rear now I have a new tail light too.

The headlight is the newest Cyo from Busch and Muller
the tail light is their 4D Lite Plus I was using the B&M Retro headlight which really looks nice on a bike the age of a Raleigh Twenty, but the original Sturmey Archer Dyno hub only puts out ~2 watts at speed. The Retro light takes 2.4 watts and the tail light was an Spanninga LED and would barely glow.

Now I have lots of light! I can see and be seen. The Twenty has been getting the most use so far this year as I am working out of town and it is easy to haul along with me.

The bag on the back is a Banjo Brothers Racktop Pannier bag. It has small panniers that drop down out of the side pockets.



GreenComotion said...

which salon kool stop pad did you use for replacing the original ones on the twenty? thanks.

Peace :)

2whls3spds said...

Hi Chandra,
I used the Continentals they make a longer one but it doesn't fit well on the 20" rims.


dcain said...

Hi Aaron,

I just received my Twenty via ebay yesterday. I have a question: Do you ever fly with your Twenty, and if so, how do you pack it? We are headed to Florida and I'd love to take it along but am unsure about a good way to pack that would work for the airlines. Thanks! There's a pic at my blog, along with a picture of John Allen's Twenty I saw at a recent bike summit.

2whls3spds said...

Hi Dave,
Never flown with the Twenty. I think it would prove to be on the heavy side and a bit large. You don't want to get whacked with oversize and overweight airline fee$. I have taken it on Amtrak in a stuff sack and it traveled as normal checked luggage. I have done that a couple of times.


greezus chrust said...

brandon from 1lesscar.com here-
ust stumbled across your blog- good stuff!
your link was on someone's blogroll and the name caught my eye, because i have 2 bianchi folders, both with sturmey archer hubs (both missing the rest of the parts for shifting)...not sure what model they are, but they have a rear rack built in to them- pretty rad! I got them planning to fix up, but it's been awhile and i haven't gotten around to it yet. i was going to do a little research and put them on ebay or craigslist, but thought i'd give you the first shot- i'm in MI, but i'd ship them. email me if you'd like to see some pics/make an offer. thanks!
brandon at 1lesscar dot com

Tim said...

Nice! Dang I want a Twenty!