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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Madame comes a calling

Another lost bicycle has come home to roost...

This lady is a late 70's early 80' Peugeot Gran Sport Mixte. My sister bought this bike around 1989 to use for college, I seem to recall having had a hand in it. It has been in storage since the mid 90's apparently at one of my brothers' houses. He is in the midst of a remodel and needed the room so "home" she came. I asked my sister if she wanted cleaned up or? But she is waiting on the AMF/Hercules, the feeling being it will better suit her needs at this point in time.

According to Retro Peugeot catalog archives the bikes is a U18E an "all weather touring 10 speed...for touring under all conditions." But further research is proving otherwise.

Not sure what the future holds, it is a desirable Mixte frame in the large size (57cm) I am toying with the idea of a few upgrades and keeping it for Sunday afternoon pleasure rides...like I need another bike!



Oldfool said...

I have that same bicycle but made in 1973 in silver. It was a thrift store find $18.45 and it was complete, pump and all. It rides very well and I can go so fast I scare myself. It is hung in the shed now as it is too big for me. I have fallen twice just trying to get off. At my age I don't need to be falling.

2whls3spds said...

Thanks for the heads up...I was hoping the mixte frame would make me less likely to fall off when I stop and attempt to dismount. ;-)


Mike said...

I love mixtes, and that's a very nice one! As Oldfool indicates, they are often incorrectly labeled women's bikes or casual, city rides. In fact, many -- including your new one, I suspect -- have pretty aggressive geometry and love to go fast.

@Oldfool, I'll take your '73 off your hands -- I'll even pay the same you paid for it!

Speaking of age, I'm already grateful that my mixte bikes allow me to skip the difficult step of throwing my leg over the frame AND a full bag on the back.

Nick said...

Of course you need another bike; we all need another bike,always!

John B. said...

Just a quick thank-you for dropping by my blog. I'm not sure how you found it, but I'm glad to hear your perspective on passenger rail.

I'll throw up a link to you over at my place by way of thanking you.

2whls3spds said...

Hi JohnB,

Dunno where I picked your blog up, but I follow around 240 or so. Mostly cycling/transportation based. I need to update my blog roll.