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Sunday, March 13, 2011

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaack

Sorry about the impromptu hiatus.

Work has been a real beast these past few months, but with the current economic situation any job is better than no job.

As time has rolled along a couple of new members have been added to the metal side of the family.

I purchased yet another Twenty. This one is a 1975 Raleigh Stowaway, with the 451 wheels. These were never sold on the US market as far as I know, so this one must have wandered its way in from the UK somehow.

The newest member is a 1973 Raleigh Colt that I literally picked up today. I actually purchased it back in early December. But just got a chance to pick it up today. It is in spectacular condition for it's age and matches my Superbe in colour. It has the petite 18" frame that my lovely bride needs to be able to ride. It will need a bit of tweaking and a couple of upgrades prior to her riding it. But here is a picture...beauty shots will come a bit later.

I did get the 1964 Hercules completed and off to my sister late last year. More on that one too...in  a bit.

Spring has Sprung here in the Carolinas, so riding season is hard upon us!



Big Oak said...

Welcome back!

I like the Raleigh you picked up. You did a great job on the Hercules.

Mike said...

Welcome back!

charles said...

Great to see all the new additions!

That Twenty looks awesome. I love the color. Have you rode the 451s before? Do they handle any different that 406s? Looks like an after-market shifting system. Grip shifters... Did they come stock? And are those really creme rubber pedals?? I need to find me a set of those.

The Colt looks spotless. Can't wait to see the "beauty shots"

By the way, I'm back in Charlotte. Will drop you an email tomorrow....


2whls3spds said...

Thanks for the re-welcomes. :P


The 451 wheels are larger diameter and narrower so it gives the bike a quicker feel. The grip shifters did come stock, the grips are not OEM nor is the saddle. The pedals are.

I am considering building it up with a 2 speed kickback hub and alloy wheels.